What is viral marketing ?

One of the most popular ways of generating traffic to a website is through viral marketing. This technique is a unique way to turn your customers into your personal salespeople by using your products and endorsing them. When you just made a website from scratch, don’t be discouraged by the dozens of other people on the same industry – make your website unique by being controversial, different or humorous.

The best domain extension to use is a dot come. Avoid using .net, .tv or .org because a .com is easier to remember. Make sure to spend some time thinking of a catchy URL – a short and memorable one can drive more repeat visitors to your website than a long one.

Provide different forms of interactivity for your visitors, such as forum postings, blog comments, DIGG links, RSS feeds and YouTube videos, among others. These features are important to a website’s interactivity with its visitors, so make sure to implement as much features as you can into your site.

YouTube is a very powerful website because once you upload an informative, funny and catchy video onto the site with a link back to your site, it can drive traffic to your website easily. Be sure to make a memorable video that will allow anyone who sees it spread the news to his or her peers. This way, your goal of making the visitors your salespeople succeeds.

Bookmarking is also a good way to drive traffic because once a reader becomes interested in one of your posts, he or she can share the post or website with their friends. Make it easy for your readers to share your site by using different bookmarking programs and feed burners.

Make your content easy on the eyes. Online surfers rarely read, so making your content direct to the point and with pictures allow you to grab the visitors’ attention. Make sure to thank your readers every now and then; you can post about their comments, emails and other insights that they might have shared with you.

Once you’ve followed these steps, you can increase traffic to your site dramatically. Be patient in your viral marketing efforts because it won’t take overnight for the results to happen.

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