How can I set up my own website ?

In the age of the internet, the word “home” has taken on a whole new meaning. A website of your own creation can be your very own home in the internet – it can contain information about a business you’re running, or a daily journal so that you can keep in touch with friends who live faraway, or share your knowledge about something you’re very knowledgeable in. Creating your own webpage will allow you to reach more number of people without having to spend so much.

For beginners who tend to get lost in the world of HTML codes, you can still create your very own website without having to memorize all those words that seldom make sense. Google Page Creator, a website creator that uses WYSIWYG design interface, allows you to see your website as you create it. This page creator also saves your progress as you work so you don’t have to worry about losing what you have worked on. You only need the most basic computer skills to use this system.

WYSIWYG systems usually offer the most basic features on a webpage. If you’re aiming for style and aesthetic quality, there is no other way but to learn HTML language yourself. Using Google Page Creator also automatically designates your web address. If you want a customized one, you can search for hosting sites that ask for a minimum fee – only about $5 a month – for a web address of your own choosing.

Pros write HTML codes using nothing but Notepad, but there are other software available such as Macromedia Dreamweaver to combine an interface where you can readily see the page you’re making and a separate window for the codes so that you can type the codes and watch it come to life. After you are satisfied with the page you created, you have to upload it to the server of your host. You can gain access to edit your website through a username and password that your host will give you. After this, the world, through the internet, can look at your page and enjoy what you have created.

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