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Any recommendations for good Windows NT anti virus?

I’ve got a couple of NT servers at work and we need some a/v cover for them for about 6 months until trash them. I’ve looked on the net but all of the a/v products for NT seem a little dodgy. Does anyone use an NT a/v product? If you could let me know of a good one I’d really appreciate it.

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5 Responses to “Any recommendations for good Windows NT anti virus?”

  1. The Wise One said:

    If you want good anti virus software you should get avg free edition… its good and the best part its free you can download it free at

  2. cotojo said:

    Avast is highly rated and will run on NT.
    AV Comparison:

  3. Steve B said:

    Very few open source or free products allow commercial use.

    Your company almost certainly has an existing AV product installed and chances are the Licence you already pay covers use on all your kit …

    AV should be updated within 24hrs of a new patch – most commercial AV products update automatically daily (via the web) anyway …

    So rather than waste time & cost evaluating some new AV product (and setting up some new update procedure / ‘special case’) for the T boxes I would just add them to whatever package you already have ..

    PS the best protection is a good firewall ON THOSE BOXES (they need protection from other kit inside your Firewall) and NOT using email (or browsing the web) on those boxes..

  4. Moises Mcilrath said:

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  5. Lucius Tulloch said:

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