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How do you get Avast anti-virus to run in the background?

I downloaded the home edition v 4.8. I run the program and only see the option to do a manual scan.

All I want is a simple anti-virus program that will work like AVG – runs in the background, does scheduled hard drive scans, and auto-starts when I boot up.

Can Avast do these things? If so, how? If not, what is a better alternative besides AVG?

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2 Responses to “How do you get Avast anti-virus to run in the background?”

  1. Alin S said:

    You are going through the same thing I went a couple months back when my computer as well was packed with viruses and all kinds of threats.

    I had Avast but it was never any good for my computer.
    Until I have found this site:
    and found an awesome software that cleaned my computer and destroyed every single threat i had. It ran so smoothly from than on.

    Check it out

  2. Jim said:

    Avast is a top notch program that runs in the background to protect your computer. The manual scan (boot time scan) is offered when you first intall it, and can be selected later if you want to do one. The ability to do a boot time scan whenever you want is a major reason I like the program. The default operation is in the background mode.

    It should install and run in the background without you doing anything. Two icons should show in the tray on your taskbar. One is for the main program and the other one is for the database. You can right click on the database icon and merge with the program so only one icon shows if you like.

    Good luck.


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