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Is facebook and other social networking sites a distraction from God?

Facebook is nice to keep in contact with others, but I notice that some people spend many hours updating their statuses and checking in on the lives of others and trying to keep up with the Jones’s so to speak via facebook. In your opinion would you say that facebook takes your focus off of God? Should good christians have facebook accounts? And what purpose does facebook serve to the serious christian.

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11 Responses to “Is facebook and other social networking sites a distraction from God?”

  1. Smooth Raven Kitty said :

    It is of Satan
    You should not use Science products as a compute,r all together

  2. Debbie said :

    Apparently, they are a distraction from the English language.

  3. EastCoasyEazy said :

    I believe anything could be used as a distraction from God. I believe you could have a facebook if you took into consideration the fact it can be addicting and try not to use it as much maybe a few times a week?

    Shalom, God bless you!

  4. Jochan A Forest said :

    No, but if I get one more Farmville request I think I am going to go insane.

  5. sirheinsohn said :

    the same person that used to be on the phone at home all the time, then had their cell phone attached to the side of their head like a cancerous growth, now is going blind with facebook. what’s the difference? and, in answer to your second question, what good’s a christian? oh! I mean, what’s a good christian?

  6. Epona Willow said :

    My sister-in-law is a fine Christian and she and the ladies at her church use Facebook to help them organize functions. She also uses it as a way to “spread the word” so to speak.

  7. tat said :

    Are you serious? Facebook is a distraction from God?
    If you think that enjoying some time while getting in contact with friends and relatives is a bad thing because you’re not spending those seconds on ‘SOMETHING’ that ‘wants’ you to be ‘happy’, then your phylosophy is circle minded.

  8. ZER0 C00L ••AM••VT•• ▼ ►ANGEL◄ ▲ said :

    Nah, just a distraction at work. 😀

  9. Eva C said :

    No, it is not. Facebook is a nice way to keep in contact with people, and there are even discussions on there about God and Christianity. My church even HAS a Facebook! They use it for letting people know about events and prayer chains and so on and so forth. Facebook is NOT an anti-Christian website. Some people are jerks and post about anti-Christianity, but you cannot see what they post unless you are friends w/ them. You can also COMPLETELY block your acc. to people who are not your friends. In conclusion, Facebook is not a distraction from God.

  10. Isabelle said :

    No. Unless you let it take your focus off of God. After all, anything can become distractions if we lose control over it.

    As for your question on what purpose does Facebook serve to the serious christian, well you can spread the word of God through such social networking, not only to your Christian friends, but to other users of the sites, just like what encourages.

  11. Brittney Cavallari said :

    Yeah, having a Facebook is definitely a sin. You should just kill yourself now and get it over with, you devil-worshipper.


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