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How do I get a way to unblock Facebook from my Yahoo email?

Hi! I have this giant problem, and I can’t get any emails from Facebook anymore. I used to get them lots of times, and I liked that happening. I don’t know how I don’t receive emails from Facebook anymore, and it’s just ridiculous. One person told me to go to my yahoo settings to unblock it, but idk how to do that. So anyone know how to unblock Facebook and get emails from it specifically?

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6 Responses to “How do I get a way to unblock Facebook from my Yahoo email?”

  1. StandTall said :

    Go to your email.
    Select Options on the top right hand corner.
    Select filters or spam on the top left hand corner and remove the blocked address.

  2. Win said :

    Just check out facebook settings and correct your email alert address.

  3. Lyn G said :

    Well, unless you actually went in and blocked Facebook, you can not UNblock it.
    However, you need to check your ‘spam’ folder. Go into the ‘spam’ folder and open the item you wish to keep. Click on the ‘Not spam’ button and it will be returned to your in box, also allowing that address to be delivered to the in box from now on. However, go in periodically and check to insure all items are spam.
    Also, make sure that address is in your address book, as it helps to ensure that address as a “safe” one.
    If they are not there, then you need to contact service representative and explain the problem to them.

    Yahoo! Mail Technical Help Form

    Yahoo! Customer Service

  4. Tamster said :

    Go to settings in facebook because I believe what happened is that you accidentally pressed do not send emails and I would check that because that sounds lie what happened

  5. kalina crystal said :

    Pls how do I unblock my facebook account pls help me

  6. Buford Masterman said :

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