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How to remove Facebook relationship status from other peoples pages?

My friend made a fake facebook for this girl and says I’m in a relationship with her. So when people see the fake account they think I’m going out with her. Is their any way to change this?

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5 Responses to “How to remove Facebook relationship status from other peoples pages?”

  1. Trevor S said :

    You could try reporting the page to Facebook, other than that it is entirely up to whoever has the username and password for the account. I guess you could report it to the police department as fraudulent.. that is taking it a little far though. My advice would be to try and get them to fix it or Facebook to remove it.

    Unless you have an apple, then you can get a program that would allow you to access anything they sign into while they are on the same network… but even that’s only temporary because they could change it back as often as they wanted.

    Sorry but you cannot do much.

  2. Tymme said :

    You have to confirm the request in order for it to appear on their page for others to see.

    Remove the person from your friend list and report the page for inappropriate info (lower left) if you want it removed.

  3. A frisky raccoon said :

    On your ‘home’ page, find the relationship post that states that you are now in a relationship. Mouse over the area, and an X or the word ‘remove’ should be in the top right corner or around that area. Click this, and no one will see the post. The only other way people can see who your in a relationship with now is by going to your profile page and looking at the information on your picture.

    If you want to fully remove the relationship, go to the same placed you added the relationship and click ‘Single.’ If you want to remove the post that you are now single, follow the instructions in the first paragraph.

  4. Banquetfm said :

    Nope! However if you suspect account fraud, which this basically is, you can try contacting facebook customer support and asking them to remove the offending page.

    But good luck with that – facebook customer support is basically non existent and the hoops you have to jump through just to get an email to them mean you might as well try summoning them by hopping around a campfire while reciting the bible backwards on a full moon, for all the good it’ll do. They really are godawful.

    Your best bet is to just give as good as you get. Make one for him! Like for like, like. Bonus points if you include crudely photoshopped images of him in compromising positions.

  5. Alex said :

    Just do one thing, go to privacy setting and then on lower right side there is an option like “Control how you share”. There you can see how to manage your news feed.


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