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What is the difference between myspace and facebook?

Is there anything you can do on Facebook that you can’t do on myspace? Or the other way around? I know on Facebook you can leave wall comments and see what everyone wrote under it if they comment on someone’s wall and myspace you can’t. They only have blogs and bulletins on myspace and nothing fancy. However, myspace you can put music on your profile and change your background but facebook, you can’t.

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2 Responses to “What is the difference between myspace and facebook?”

  1. Noodleman said :

    Myspace is based on very customizeable profiles and freedom. Facebook is based on groups and applications/games.

  2. Bart said :

    Hey, fix up your facebook page and give it a new look. Ive done it to mine and never get board of the old tradional layout.
    Check it out…its free


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