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What iz the difference between facebook and myspace?

So like my friend saids that myspace is better but i say facebook is better. what is the difference between myspace and facebook?

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11 Responses to “What iz the difference between facebook and myspace?”

  1. angel4txtn said :

    get both an you’ll c!

  2. *8 Weeks #2!* said :

    Facebook is boring.

    Myspace is what’s up.

  3. meeeeeepx3 said :

    the difference between myspace and facebook is that myspace is mainly for stuff that is all about you
    facebook is better for networking

  4. Jack H said :

    Layout.. you can decorate ur myspace page.. but not fb.

  5. Brady W said :

    My Space is Better, just get both and lie to ur friend

  6. Amory said :

    Facebook is more invasive, myspace is more private.

    Sign up for both and see for yourself.

  7. alex said :

    myspace is really poorly coded but a LOT more customizable..

    facebook is a LOT more easier to get around and private.

    it just depends on what you want.

  8. Madelinee;) said :

    facebook is simple, neat, and classy
    you dont get random friend requests from strangers everyday like you do on myspace
    myspace is cluttered and messy. disorganized. and you need to be good at HTML to have a really nice,pretty profile.
    cause most of these teenagers arent
    its easier to find your friends on facebook
    myspace is more fun and laid back.its mostly for teenagers and pre-teens

  9. wpaul290 said :

    facebook= sophisticated
    myspace= a lil childish

  10. Robbie Danger! said :

    MySpace was created as a social website to find friends and communicate with people around the world.
    FaceBook was primarily created for school networking.
    This is why you choose a network when you sign in.
    Other than that facebook is just boring.

  11. geniepiper said :

    MySpace has a predominately graphical interface, Facebook a predominately text interface.

    MySpace is for mostly showing yourself off. Pimping yourself, as the kids like to say. Facebook is for networking.

    MySpace tends to be dominated by teenagers, Facebook by adults. As a result, Facebook is more adult and sophisicated.


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