What is an RSS feed ?

Aside from having online presence, many people set up a website to earn money. Before you can earn money, people should first understand that your website should have traffic, which is obtained by having plenty of visitors. However, instead of just checking your unique visitors and number of pages viewed to determine how well your website is progressing, you should monitor how many readers have taken feeds from your site. The more people who read your website content regularly, the better your chances of earning money from it.

RSS or “Really Simple Syndication” is a feature used in blogs and other content-filled websites that allows you to share and broadcast content via a News Reader or third-party aggregators directly to your audience. This way, you just don’t publish your content in your website, but it could also reach hundreds of websites. Once you are able to catch a reader’s attention and he or she subscribes to your site via RSS feeds, they would receive updates on their e-mails every time you update your content. RSS can be added to any blogging tools, such as WordPress and Blogger, allowing you to enable RSS feeds easily.

Once you enable your RSS feeds, your content is then converted to XML every time you post and then your readers can pick up your recent updates. For your readers to see your updates, they should use an RSS reader, which would link back into your original post on your website. Search giants Google and Yahoo! both have RSS reader widgets that your users can use, so your homepage is the first thing they would see once they open a browser.

With your content spread through various options for your readers, your chances of attracting new readers would increase. In addition, if you don’t post content daily, your readers won’t know when to check back. If you provide them with RSS feeds, they would only choose to visit your site when new texts are updated, reducing the chances of disappointing them with an outdated content. Be aware that once you have a large readership and good traffic, you can ask more money for banners and advertisements, giving you another option to earn money from your site.

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