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Is Facebook really going to start charging money?

Ok, I’ve seen several new groups and/or pages talking about Facebook charging money to use it next month.
Is this true?
Why are they doing this?
Why haven’t I gotten anything official from the Facebook people saying this?

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7 Responses to “Is Facebook really going to start charging money?”

  1. Tassular said:

    they had groups like that for years now

  2. Rawr! said:

    You haven’t gotten anything from Facebook because it isn’t true. People like to spread these alarmist rumours for some reason.

  3. Kamil said:

    If they will charge, no one will buy the option. Who wants to pay for networking? There’s tons more software that will be free, so they’ll just move there. For example, Skype, MSN and Twitter.

  4. Chad said:

    Common sense dictates that no, they will never charge. They make their money on advertisers, etc… And there are too many similar websites that would still offer free networking, so Facebook would lose its dominance.

  5. Princess Christina said:

    No that would NEVER happen.

    They wouldn’t make as much as they do now if they started to charge.
    They have 300million active users right now, they have little advertising yet they make more a day then we could even dream of. If they started charging statistics show more then 80% of people would eventually become unactive. Facebook are smart people. THEY WOULD NEVER MAKE IT A PAYSITE. facebook is like the 3rd most popular website next to google and youtube. they want to keep it like that.
    if it became a pay website facebook would be soon forgotten and people would wind back at myspace.

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  6. Mr. Wizard said:

    Facebook charging for user services is mere URBAN LEGEND–likely spawned by fired Facebook website staff, who seek to damage / ruin the company they got ran off from.

    This is an all too common political dynamic that exists in virtually every facet of working society–it just grows far worse in America than in other countries. There are sections on the Net that act as bitter sounding boards for fired employees of popular chain employers like Microsoft, Apple, Wal-Mart, Home Depot–and just about any popular major chain fast food restaurant.

    Spammers quickly hawk on their touch by urging recipients of e-mail urban legend hoaxes to “pass this on to ( however many people ) those on your address book”… get the idea—and you really have to be careful when getting THOSE type messages; they tend to carry spam bot virus bugs.

    All in all: Be assured–Facebook will remain quite free for use; they still carry a strong advertising revenue base that well keeps the company running good. Facebook’s success–like success in any major business—does carry it’s challenges.

  7. Mike said:



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