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Do you think facebook only facilitates superficial friendships or at least only the start of them?

I’ve just noticed most of the chat online that is part of my closest friendships occurs on IM and email and other more private ways of chatting as opposed to commenting on facebook and such. In fact my best friend and I hardly comment or whatever on each others facebooks.

Do you think all the commenting and wall posting only seems to facilitate superficial friendships and perhaps for sincere friendships is only needed in the earliest stages?

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2 Responses to “Do you think facebook only facilitates superficial friendships or at least only the start of them?”

  1. keerok said:

    Friendship is best maintained the old fashion way through gossiping, window-shopping, or simply with a cup of coffee. No amount of electronics and technology can simulate true friendship.

    Facebook is a huge farce.

  2. Cus said:

    Facebook is beneficial to all levels of friendship. Obviously, the better you get to know someone, the more experiences you’re likely to share in person or cross over into texting, phone calls, IMs or email. Facebook just acts as a first line of defense/buffer zone for interacting with people with whom you’re not comfortable yet or trying to track down after old connections fall through. It also has an incredibly voyeuristic appeal–that you can silently observe everything your friends do in real time is perhaps the greatest lure.

    Additionally, it’s an easy way to gather large groups of friends for discussion without trying to organize a multiple-person video chat or three-way call, which require real-time participation. This is particularly evident when you think about where Facebook originated–college. After graduating high school, a lot of people split up, move away, find themselves with conflicting schedules, and are too busy adjusting to new boundaries, environments, and lifestyles to set aside time for friendship like they used to.

    Even with your best friends, it’s an easy shorthand alternative to email when sharing interesting links, gossip, etc. mainly because you KNOW they’re more likely to be lurking around Facebook than constantly checking email. It’s an unfortunate truth–the more your friends get sucked in, the more you’re sucked in. But hey, if you can avoid it, more power to you.


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