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How long does it take for facebook to delete a reported photo?

I’ve reported a photo on facebook, they said an administrator would review it and consider it if it was a genuine report, which it is. I reported it last night but it’s still up, does anyone know roughly how much time it takes an facebook administrator to review a photo?

Thank you.

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4 Responses to “How long does it take for facebook to delete a reported photo?”

  1. mags said:

    Ages.. way too long if you ask me. Once I reported a photo and it took them nearly 5 days to remove it. The admin team is in the USA so they will only see the report tonight, if you lucky.

  2. dannyboy9780 said:

    It Can Take anywhere from a Day to A Week Sometimes

  3. sickcycle said:

    ones there was porn on this rock you application. i reported it and it took about 2 months. another time i reported a profile cuz this guy pasted porn links on my wall. took only 20 mins.

    if it doesnt affect u just ignore it. why pollute your mind from others stuff.

  4. Lucila Troncoso said:

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