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How long do you change your facebook profile photo?

How long do you personally change the facebook profile photo?
Do you use it every week or every 2 or 3 weeks?
What is the pose do you use in your profile photo? Do you smile, or just stare?
What is the best pose for facebook profile photo?
I am asking these questions because it has been already more than a month that I didn’t took any photos or anything upload them on facebook.

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4 Responses to “How long do you change your facebook profile photo?”

  1. Kory said :

    once a month

  2. BNM said :

    When I feel like it

  3. reese said :

    I change mine every few months. Although, once in a while, if I decide I hate the picture I put up, I will change it a few days later.

    For the profile picture, I might use one that I have from like a school picture. Or one that a friend took. I hate taking pictures of myself, but I did the other day, cause one of my friends asked me to.

    Put whatever picture of yourself you like the best. I personally like it when people put a picture of their face instead of like the back of their head, that way if I am trying to find someone, I can tell who they are.

  4. charlotte said :

    When ever i feel like it and i look at my other friends profile pictures and see whta style they are doing 😉


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