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How has the internet grown over the past ten years?

I am doing my ICT coursework and it has asked me how the internet has grown over the past ten years, i have search many different websites and spent hours on it but it is rather hard to find any. If you can help i would really appricate it, and i really need website address where i can find the information. Thank-you for you help.
woops, yeh sorry i have put it in the wrong thing :s
below is the proper link 😀 thanks

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5 Responses to “How has the internet grown over the past ten years?”

  1. jl said:

    by not getting married and divorced.

    and not having married and divorced questions riddled by OT’s.

  2. Happy-2 said:

    I am an ICT professional, and I find it disturbing that you may be joining my field, and still apparently believe that Marriage & Divorce is a logical category for this question.

  3. mad said:

    Fast fast fast.

  4. Luscious Asian said:

    wrong section.

  5. Hak H said:

    This is very very broad question.


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