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How do I connect my internet on my phone?

I have a Sony Erricson C902 which I bought from Orange unlocked. My contract is with Vodafone. However, all the settings are set for Orange and the internet is set with orange, so when I try and go on the internet its tring to connect through Orange and it says “Connection failure. Check settings. If problem persists please contact your operator for support”.

What settings should I change so it connects with vodafone?

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4 Responses to “How do I connect my internet on my phone?”

  1. slyfox69 said :

    Hi theres 2 ways to sort this problem out so your phone connects to the internet either go to the vodafone website & download the settings from there for mms & the internet you will then recieve a text msg saying install settings now just click on yes & the settings will automatically be installed in the phone or failing that go into your local vodafone store & ask them to sort it for you ! unfortunately unless the settings are set to vodafone you wont be able to access the internet … hope this helps .. sly

  2. Harvs said :
  3. mathboy said :

    You will have to set up new profiles for WAP and MMS. The easiest way to do this is to visit the Vodafone website where you can download “over the air” (OTA) settings. Remember as you are on contract you will have to select the Post Pay option.
    The other way to set your phone up is a manual configuration. This takes a lot longer but achieves the same end. To do this you have to input the settings manually yourself. This is not difficult but you need to know how to create new data accounts and their associated profiles.
    Here are the generic settings for Post Pay.

    Username = wap

    Password = wap

    Port number = 8799

    Proxy address =

    Acces point name (APN) =

    Homepage = http://

    Message server = http://

    You should also call customer services to check that your account is data enabled i.e. provisioned for GPRS and MMS. A little “G” at the top of your phone screen should indicate this.

    As you have probably gathered OTA settings are a lot easier and quicker.

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