What is paid blogging ?

Blogging has become a worldwide phenomenon that requires only a person’s knowledge on certain things and witty, useful, brave or even obnoxious posts to get one noticed. Unlike other money-making opportunities online, blogging offers freedom of expression and flexibility since you have the power when and when not to post. Due to the popularity of blogging, dozens of paid blogging services have been created to serve as an intermediary for bloggers and advertisers.

Since there are plenty of paid blogging services around, choosing one or two wherein bloggers or advertisers can do business may be an overwhelming task. For bloggers, choosing an unreliable paid blogging service would waste his or her time posting blogs without being paid, while advertisers may lose money once a paid blogging service fails to deliver.

One of the most trusted paid blogging service is PayPerPost.com, while ReviewMe, SponsoredReviews, Blogsvertise, Blogitive and many others can also pay decent fees. However, most of these services require that your blog is “at least” 30 days old.

When choosing which sites to participate in, money should be a good factor to consider. Be aware that these services don’t pay equally; some blogs would have better opportunities than other blogs would, depending on the demand of your topic or niche. Whichever service you choose, make sure that the time you put into a blogging service would equal to the payment given. For blogs with high Page Ranks, a single post could reach as high as $50 or more. However, other paid blogging services pay the same amount regardless of your blog or website’s popularity, so make sure you understand the payment terms before working for a particular service.

Many blogging experts recommend choosing multiple paid blogging services to maximize earnings. However, this would largely depend on the niche of your blog. For in-demand topics, a single paid blogging service, such as Smorty or PayPerPost would offer large payouts for a single post. On the other hand, if your blog is just starting out or you don’t have a high-paying niche, it is best to participate in two or more paid blogging services.

The only disadvantage of participating in any of these services is your site or blog’s page rank may go down. When this happens, take note of the number of paid posts you place on your blog and add unpaid posts to keep your blog balanced.

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