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Is facebook a wierd way to start talking to someone u dont know?

Theres this girl i want to talk to, but ive never met her. If i told her i thought she was pretty or something on facebook, would she be freaked out? I would of course try to start talking to her at school once she knew who i was

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5 Responses to “Is facebook a wierd way to start talking to someone u dont know?”

  1. Ryan W said :

    I would suggest you talk to her at school at least once before you try this.

  2. Shadowfax said :

    Yeah I would talk to her in person first before I told her that she was pretty.

  3. Rachel said :

    No no, I think talking to her on facebook first is a fine idea. It will ease you two into getting to know each other.

  4. Hannah said :

    if your quite shy then maybe getting to know her on facebook first would be a good idea, then if you get on she would probably talk to you round school too. But you should probably tell her you think she is pretty in person not over facebook, also if you was to ask her out do that in person too.

  5. Rocker said :

    It would be better if you talk to her in person or amongst some friends. But you can also approach her thru FB, it ain’t weird….
    Go normal, no desperatin efforts, keep it cool.


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