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How should I bid in online auctions ?

Online auctions offer some of the best deals you can’t find on malls, which could range from vintage items to collectibles, computers to clothes, hard-to-find comic books to the latest gadgets, online auctions always offer a lower price compared to mall prices. Bidding at online auction sites is easy.

The first thing you need to do is register on auction websites like and provide the necessary information like name, e-mail address, credit card number and other important details. Auction websites would also ask you to submit a username and password, which you will be using for all transactions.

Once you’re registered, you can now start looking for the things you like to bid on. If you’ve been looking for a second-hand KitchenAid mixer, go to the categories and browse the items under Home and Garden or just make a quick search. If you see an item under your budget, enter a bid amount, which you’re willing to pay if ever you won the auction. You will be asked to confirm your bid; so as long as you don’t click the “submit bid” button, your bid will not count.

Auction sites usually send an e-mail whenever you’ve been outbid, updates if you’re still the highest bidder and if you won the auction. You automatically win an auction if no one places a higher bid than the amount you placed. Make sure to check your e-mail regularly if you’re aiming to win the item. If an e-mail states that another person has outbid you, you have the option to place another bid with a higher amount.

If you won the item, you should contact the seller for payment and shipping details. Some auction sites allow buyers to pay through their respective payment gateways, while others have trusted third party that would accomplish payment. The usual payment methods accepted include money order, personal check, credit cards and PayPal.

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