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How does podcasting work ?

Podcasting refers to online broadcasting programs through a subscription fees like RSS or Rich Site Summary, to be played on MP3 players or iPods. Subscribers to podcast can also listen through their computers, instead of transferring files to their players. The latest versions of podcasting will incorporate video signals. This means that cellular phones with video capabilities can receive and play videos from podcast.

Podcasting is created by Adam Curry, a former video jockey of MTV. Since the late 2004, podcasting become popular with major radio shows and network stations making their material available for podcast enthusiasts. In February 2005, USA Today reported that over 3,300 podcast programs were available in the span of two months from its advent.

One of the most resourceful aspects of podcasting is that it enables individuals to create their own shows at home. Podcasting can is capable of reaching audience worldwide and anyone can do podcasting with the right software and a microphone. This gives the opportunity for those who can’t afford public broadcasting. Podcast also sidestep regulations of broadcasting constraining mainstream television and radio; perhaps most obvious when it comes to pornography.

Even though podcasting is the portmanteau of the word broadcasting with Apple’s iPod, any system or device that are capable of playing MP3 will do. For this reason, there are suggestions stating that the pod in podcasting should be altered with an acronym meaning “personal On-demand.” There are blog sites that started making their blogs available as podcasts. There are also liberal and religious podcasting, which are also rapidly growing. You can visit online and search for podcasting to know more about how you can create your own podcast. Furthermore, guide your youngsters when they browse for podcast in the internet because there are some podcast that are not appropriate for minors.

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