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How do i find out what internet sites have been visited on my computer when deleted?

After internet sites have been deleted in the usual way….is there a way to find them again by searching deeper into the computer?

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6 Responses to “How do i find out what internet sites have been visited on my computer when deleted?”

  1. Duisend-poot said :

    Ian , have you been a naughty boy??. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. James said :

    Yes I know there is, I just do not know how. Reason why I know is because my father is a cybersecurity expert and used to catch me looking at naughty things. Not sure how he did it though…

  3. Kassie said :

    Uh, if the person is like a computer technician?
    Porn is bad.

  4. Grumpy said :

    On the left side of home page, clk “History” .It will bring up all past sites.

  5. Joe said :

    There might be a tracking program installed that you can’t see and that will track all your websites visited. Also, there may be a keylogger on the computer. That will record ever key you press so all someone would have to do is go through the keylogger log to see where you have been going. A warning though, if you do have a keylogger on your computer it records everything, websites, chats, whatever – it records every key that is pressed.

    Porn is great!

  6. DaySaver said :

    Search for files named “index.dat”. There will be a number of different copies of this file but the one in your “Temporary Internet Files” folder will be the one that you want.

    Your computer won’t allow you to open (or alter) this file but you CAN make a copy of it and open the copy with Notepad. If you’ve never used any kind of “shredder” program, every internet site ever visited should be listed in the file.

    “Spybot – Search & Destroy”, a free anti-spyware program, also contains a stand-alone shredder utility which can overwrite the contents of your “Temporary Internet Files” folders as well as your index.dat files. (This will completely remove any media files that you’re “not too proud of”, at least.)

    Even this won’t get your computer completely clean. The registry and “user.dat” files are best left alone. The computer is constantly backing-up important system files and some things will just keep coming back.


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