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How can I stop cyber bullies ?

Cyberbullies are people who send mean text or images to others. Generally, most people consider harmful materials sent from minor to another minor are cyberbulllying, which is also the same when adults are involved. It is a very huge issue for children, especially nowadays, with the growing use of digital devices like cellular phones capable for sending text messages and image. Thus, numerous district schools are working on how to fight cyberbullying as well as educating people about this behavior to put a stop to it.

Cyberbullying can be very harmful for kids. Most of the victims are forced to transfer school or miss valuable amount of schooling just to avoid humiliation and hurtful taunting. It may sound a little senseless, but it is very important to understand what cyberbullying may cause. There are cases where children commit suicide and violence in school like shooting due to cyberbullies.

Harmful materials can take varieties of form. A cyberbully for example, can send harmful e-mails or instant messages. They can also post these materials on websites, which can be viewed by public so that other young people can find them. Generally, cyberbullying is bullying in a whole new level; they can attract millions of reader with their harmful websites, rather than involving just a small group of bullies. Most cyberbully victims are well-likes and popular people, which will eventually be pariahs.

If you know someone close to you being victimized by cyberbullies, you should speak up, for this can also happen to you. You can report cyberbullies if you can’t make them stop. They can be subjected to severe legal penalties, although the laws regarding cyber harassments are still being shaped. Parents can also get involve to battle cyberbullies by bringing up their concerns to the bully’s parents or teachers, or even work with the authorities to make it stop.

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One Response to “How can I stop cyber bullies ?”

  1. KenS said :

    Cyberbullying needs to be classified as slander and libel. The problem is that the Internet is a safe haven for bullies because of the anonymity. There is not a more cowardly way to bully someone then from behind a curtain. Parents need to get involved in helping solve the cyberbullying problem. If parents cared enough about their child being the bully or passing along the material as much as they care when their child is a victim, it would be a huge step forward. But then, of course, how do you know if your child is involved in cyberbullying? You need to monitor their Internet activity. Monitoring software like our PC Pandora records everything that happens on the PC. If your child is a victim, you will know; if they are a bully, you will know. Whatever the case may be with your child, you need to intervene and teach them how to be a Responsible CyberCitizen. Otherwise, the path we are on, will lead to a generation who have no sense of ethics and humanity and can’t make the connection between the internet and real-life. Check us out at to see how you can protect your child from the perils of cyberbullying.


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