Why does Facebook restrict the number of friends a person can have?

A MySpace friend just invited me to request her Facebook page. She has 501 Facebook friends already, and Facebook refused the request with the message “This person already has too many friends”. MySpace has no such restriction.

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8 Responses to “Why does Facebook restrict the number of friends a person can have?”

  1. jamziemamzie said:

    so you dont add randoms for safety reasons.

  2. Skittles!!! said:

    Facebook is run by the Bilderberg Group!

  3. Adam said:

    you can have well over 2,000 facebook friends, maybe the user has been reported for “i don’t know this person” therefore has been blocked from adding any more friends until she deletes some.

  4. Tasha said:

    The friend limit is 5000. No one has that many friends so its an acceptable limit. She probably has a block for adding too many friends at once or getting requests marked as spam

  5. Allie said:

    Are you sure she has 501 friends? As far as I know, facebook limits people at 5,000 friends. The initial reason was that facebook wanted to ensure that people were only adding their “real” friends and to maintain a manageable level of scalability. They added the “pages” application so that people can expand their social network and have a connection with people who may not necessarily be friends, but they may want to keep tabs on. (For example, celebrities and music groups.)

    Double check to make sure that it wasn’t a glitch. There is no reason the site should be giving you that message if she only has 501 friends.

  6. VE9A said:

    dunno, but that’s not the limit as one of my friends has 1700 friends

  7. M b said:

    4,544 friends ~ thats how many friends i have and i cant add more….why

  8. Dana said:

    I have over 800, but I went to school with 500 people. Then went to college. I also went to many different groups.

    I have gotten that restriction before. I would try using a different operator system for internet.


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