What is the best FREE anti virus for Windows Vista?

A few of my friends have got a nasty virus while dealing with uninstalling Limewire. and to avoid the risk of maybe getting one, i would like to have an anti virus running. Any good ideas?

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6 Responses to “What is the best FREE anti virus for Windows Vista?”

  1. snowmafo said:

    avast. it has a free registration for the home edition. best antivirus out there and its free.

  2. sandy said:

    use one of these avira or avast both are very good use only one and both free get at filehippo.com get this for extra protection and its free also and real good superantispyware get at filehippo.com

  3. Ryan F said:

    Well I haven’t used it on Vista but the best free anti virus is Avira (if you consider highest detection rate as ‘best’).

  4. Clauie said:

    avast pro edition.

  5. Steve0771 said:

    Microsoft Security Essentials works great for me. Its a free download from Microsoft.com

  6. Josh G said:

    None. There is a reason they are free. It is a false peace of mind AND they will just try to get you to buy some other version, apparently better than the free. I have personally went through a ton of anti-virus programs and have tested them all. AVG, Avast, etc. They all suck. The best of the free would be MSE, but it is very lightweight and is a replacement for Windows live care and may ultimately be a paid service. I recommend paying for McAffee. It is not worth to be cheap when it comes to anti-virus. It will be costly mistake if you get some virus because of being too cheap to pay $40/year for good product. All the other paid ones and free ones will slow down your computer and make surfing a headache.


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