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How do I get my little brothers Facebook deleted?

My brother is too young to be on Facebook and I want his account disabled. I know how to report somebody, but then when it gives you the option of why you are reporting someone it doesn’t have the option to say that they are too young to be on Facebook.

So in what way can I get Facebook to delete his account?

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4 Responses to “How do I get my little brothers Facebook deleted?”

  1. Em said:

    You cant.

  2. Saul said:

    I have actually done this before. All you really have to do is watch him put in his password. You have to be ninja quiet if he doesn’t like you around when hes on it. Besides don’t you trust your little brother enough to assume that he wouldn’t do anything bad on that site?

  3. Psychic Computer RepairĀ® PEBKAC? said:

    Have your parents do it.

  4. Smile said:

    Are you his mom? No? Then stop trying to make him do what you want him to do! He may be young but he’s maturer than you!


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