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Would you exchange your freedoms on the internet for more regulation?

I am doing a university paper which asks whether the citizen of the internet would actually give up their freedoms or anonymity, movement, freedom of speech in exchange for higher levels of regulation. The regulation would be in order to stop hackers (only the bad ones (they do not necessarily all hack for personal motives)), stop identity theft as well as extremist propoganda or child abuse, idenity theft or other criminal activities. Stopping the bad element of society would also restrict the rights of the good within the internet society. I have fully covered both the China, Iran, France arguments etc. I am just looking for a broad spectrum of what people think about this point. I want to put a point in regarding what the internet citizen would actually think and it would be really useful to get opinions from the real internet “netizens”.
Thanks in anticipation.
Sorry could you tell me what country you are in as well. Just UK or USA something like that would be really useful.

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10 Responses to “Would you exchange your freedoms on the internet for more regulation?”

  1. vperry6 said:

    Something has to be done. How much freedom does the average joe have ? Regulation must be considered and agreed upon by all. Good luck with that!!!!

  2. hootsie321 said:

    i would deffinitly be willing to give up some of the internet freedoms we have to ensure safety of myself and my children on the net.

  3. dorianalways said:

    freedom, Anonymity,movement,freedom of speech…
    Sorry I do not agree with you at all.
    These are “fables” of the past at best…
    You should know that anything you choose to say and express on the Internet regarding any subject or thought, it is monitored analyzed and filed.
    As to this anonymity; you may not know me or me you, but I assure you, many Government Intel Agencies at home and abroad know you by your first name, date of birth, City where you live, IP address, type of computer you are using, it’s software and hardware…need I continue?

  4. shadycaliber said:

    No, the internet is the only place in the world where true freedom can be expressed. Although there is some bad here, there is also much more good. The ability for people to express their-selves without judgment and regulation is key to the true pulse of not only our nation but the entire planet. The only enemy of the internet would be communist governments where control of the thoughts of their citizens is of the utmost importance. In the end if there were more regulation, you would not stop hackers, propaganda, or child abuse. You would just make these people much harder to find, as you know when you know your being watched you interact differently, but you don’t necessarily change.

    Good luck with your paper, may life bring you success and happiness.

  5. spareo1 said:

    Not a good idea. The more control we give to the govt, the more of our own we are giving away, til we have little left. The Internet is an important tool of communication and the govt is already trying via the UN to get control of it. So far the Patriot Act, Martial Law, FEMA have already given the govt too much control.

  6. demnity said:

    I would not exchange my freedoms… give them an inch, they take a yard. The regulation of online gambling in America is making way for regulation of online pornography… and knowing the way things are run, they’d spend all their time prosecuting teenagers for breaking into their friends AOL and MSN accounts instead of working on bigger issues.. just like in any society, the big criminals get away with it whilst the small timers get caught.

    Meanwhile in cyberville, there would be rouge networks arise, with appointed sysadmins, advocating free speech and the activities that are no longer allowed. I think the self-regulation we have is plenty enough… although the US government are already monitoring our computers, ya know…. just open up notepad in windows, and type this sentence:

    bush hid the facts

    Save it as something, reopen it – and hey presto… the US government have wiped the file clean. Incredible really.

  7. hippiemama said:

    I would not want to give up any of my freedoms. I think there are other ways of dealing with hackers. The problem with giving up any freedom is that it’s almost impossible to get back once given up. Once a precedent is set for taking away internet freedoms and for further internet regulation, it becomes easier for further regulations to cross over into other areas besides the internet. Besides, dealing with identity theft by regulating the internet will not stop identity theft or child pornography. A lot of it is done without the internet anyways. In the case of child pornography, the internet as is provides more opportunities to catch offenders than if there was before the internet was in use.

    I’m from the U.S.

  8. trucker said:

    dorianalw.. is right on.i shall add some common sence, we all know govs are corrupt liars, if there is one thing they can not stand its the ability of folk to tell truth, they woul destroy that regards porn, that would still be there, because politicians like it, and it demoralises the people, which is part of their strategy. so no more regulations please, technical engineers could stop realy bed stuff but they wont…

  9. jdc117101 said:

    stopping IDTheft, Hacking, virus creater is fine ….. Extreamist propaganda is free speach and should be protected all ways ! No matter how vile, it shows who our enemies are.I m sure the american consttution is extremist propaganda to the tyrants of the world. BTW What is a good hacker?????
    China has help tracking their people from Bill Gates himself .Iran is a terror state and the french like most Europe comtries are not willing to stand up to evil . My side is feels it is better to die standing on your feet then living on your knees.I also do not support any INTERNET TAX ,INTERNATIONAL TAX or THE U.N that wants that power to controll and tax .Research THATand you will find the real reason to regulate and tax the internet not the bogus lie to catch pedofiles and Bad hackers. DEATH TO THE U.N

  10. 13caesars said:

    No. Jurisdiction of the Internet has already gone too far. Protection of the innocent is important but this should be done by software companies developing products for parents and schools to set up on computer systems as need arises.

    The Internet was seen by those who had the foresight to imagine it, as a forum in which citizen can speak to citizen, regardless of class or country. The free and open exchange of ideas and views on a global scale. Naturally some of these discussions would be on disturbing topics but that was the idea of the Net: to reflect humanity in its entirety.

    Despite stating that they want to bring “freedom” to the likes of the Iraqi and Iran, the governments of the USA and UK seem set to limit freedom of speech for their own people (ie. The Patriot Act).

    Attempts to increase regulation of the Internet is another example of state censorship. It should be resisted vigorously.



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