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Why does upgrading either Microsoft or AVG anti Virus cause a blockage?

Each time I allow Windows to upgrade automatically my machine gets bogged down and the same happens with AVG anti virus, all these upgrades are clogging up the computer.

Why can’t they wipe out the previous file when urgrading another with only a slight difference??

AVG seem to find a hundred new viruses every second and is determined to download the anti virus to your machine. Can it not get rid of old one first??

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3 Responses to “Why does upgrading either Microsoft or AVG anti Virus cause a blockage?”

  1. ty said :

    well u wanna b up 2 date dont u otherwise ull catch a cold

  2. william k said :

    You really do need all the help you can get, so please just do this, Update AVG (it’s the best around) then run a full scan, then go to your Yahoo taskbar “Anti-Spyware” (Nortons free version) and run a full scan, then go to your systems tools folder and run “Disk Cleanup” which will delete all your temp files for you, then Defrag your Hard Drive to get all your free space back again. Don’t forget to keep AVG up to Date as well (it’s free). This will help you.

  3. Laurence B said :

    It is necessary to install the new updates and deifinitons of your Windows operating system, and also your AV ( AVG ), so your computer is safe from hackers, spyware, and viruses.

    Also, think about installing anti-spyware software. You will need to install this, update it regulary, and scan once a month at least.


    By the way the software above is FREE.


    Also, what ‘Will K’ said above me is good advice, do that also.


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