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Which is the best free anti virus program?

Hi i would just like to know which program is the best free anti virus available on the internet.

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4 Responses to “Which is the best free anti virus program?”

  1. Brett P said :

    Personally, I like avast!

    Here’s what I use on my [XP Pro] computer:
    avast! – anti-virus
    ZoneAlarm – firewall
    MalwareBytes – anti-malware
    Spybot S&D – anti-spyware
    SuperAntiSpyware – anti-spyware
    AdAware – anti-adware

  2. blamay22000 said :

    Common sense. You download freeware, you use p2p or torrents, you visit porn sites, etc, you WILL get malware! NO amount of malware protection will stop this from happening.
    ANYTHING you download can be infected!

  3. Riley J- but call me RJ said :

    i have Rogers Online Protection.
    its free and it has virus scan and anti- spyware and firewall.
    it detects viruses and quarantenes and deletes them too.
    its very safe

  4. Dave G said :

    I use AVG


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