Which free anti virus is more efficient?

Which free anti virus provides a better protection: avast! Free Edition or AVG Free Edition?
Which has a safer virus shield? Which can detect viruses and warn you to delete a virus? Which is more efficient and easy to use, but also provides a safe and secure environment?

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6 Responses to “Which free anti virus is more efficient?”

  1. Aaron Smith said:

    Neither. I’ve had both of those already but I’ve liked Microsoft Security Essentials the most.


    I hope you try it out it’s very nice and doesn’t take up a lot of CPU Usage. Glad to help.

  2. Cyrus said:

    use malwarbytes

  3. Bill M. said:

    None among the two you mentioned. Get Microsoft Security Essentials:

    Don’t take my word for it. Read the report made by AV Comparatives, and independent AV tester:

    You’ll see in the report that MSE is the only free AV that was able to get 3 stars along with the paid version of Kaspersky, BitDefender, Eset Nod and others. The paid version of AVG and Avast and even the non-free Norton only got 2 stars while McAfee, which is also not free, only got 1 star.

    MSE is not intrusive and is very straight-forward. It’s very simple and easy to use.

    Edit: Malwarebytes is not an antivirus. It’s just an antispyware but it is a very good antispyware. It wouldn’t hurt to combine any AV with MBAM. I suggest that you do.

  4. Jamie said:

    Like said before, rather than using either Avast or AVG, perhaps you should try using Microsoft Security Essentials, which is a free antivirus program that can be downloaded from the link below.


    In addition to running frequent antivirus scans, I would also suggest that you run frequent antispyware or antimalware scans.

    If you need a free antimalware program, perhaps you should try using MalwareBytes, which can be downloaded from the link below.


    Also, perhaps you should try using Mozilla FireFox, which is a free browser that is safer than Internet Explorer and can also be customized with a variety of free add-ons and themes. If you’d like to try using Mozilla FireFox, you can download it from the link below.


    Good luck and I hope I helped you!

  5. Ed G said:

    Actually Avira free has the highest detection rate, but it does not have any sort of web shield. But if malware tries to open it springs into action. Next would be Avast, it’s detection rate is lower than Avira but still very good, and I usually recommend it over Avira because it offers so many more features. Microsoft isn’t on par with Avira or Avast, but still the detection rate is good. It’s a big winner with users who what easy of use. You just install it and forget about.
    AVG is not in the same class as those three. You really take a step down going with AVG free.
    Note as Bill says Microsoft did very well in the test he gives you a link to. That is the proactive test one of many AV comparatives does during the year. In the big on demand test using over one million samples of Malware Microsoft came in 14th place, Look at the February tests and note how many samples of malware was used. It’s nice to show one test that backs up what you say, but in fact in overall detection Microsoft is lacking

  6. Intuitive Witch said:

    I tried AVg once and ended up with three viruses it could NOT remove.

    I use Avast with great success.


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