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Where can I get free anti-virus software online?

Where can I find free anti-virus software online that are FREE? not trials or monthly payment. Which software are recommended most for anti-virus software? If payment is the only way to get protected, which program would be a cheap price for a great program? How much does it usually run to?

Thanks Yahoo community.

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7 Responses to “Where can I get free anti-virus software online?”

  1. Hawaiian Eskimo said:

    MSE: free download, lightweight, and pretty good at detecting threats.

  2. zip zap said:
  3. Computer Tech said:
  4. Brad said:

    Look it up on google! Gosh, some people just don’t think outside of the box. Use the source that i gave you to go to it.

  5. Kellz said:

    Try Avast.It works good for me and the home edition is 100% free.

  6. Mike said:

    AVG has always worked for me

  7. goblet said:

    antivirus tips and antivirus download:


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