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Where can i download anti virus for pc without paying for it?

can anyone suggest best anti virus for pc at affordable price and pl tell me some names of websites where can i download it without paying

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9 Responses to “Where can i download anti virus for pc without paying for it?”

  1. Lenay said :

    You can get free trials of many different kinds. McAfee is a good one. I don’t know of any that are 100% free, though. Sorry.

  2. JIM said :

    Avast is genuinely free. There is no need to think about stealing

  3. ctech said :
  4. The Bald Eagle said :

    A very trusted anti virus is AVG. You can download it at the source and optionally buy it. Purely free

  5. Towelie said :
  6. Adam said :

    I use Avast anti virus and its free for the home edition. It protects from virus and spyware but not malware so you will have to get some malware protection. The virus and spyware protection is EXCELLENT though. just google Avast to get it make sure to get home edition

  7. Jo P said : – it’s really easy to use

    on the left hand pane, click security software, antivirus, your operating system and free to use – otherwise you will have to buy a registration key. Comprehensive reviews and update too.

  8. Dave L said :

    Malwarebytes is totally free,and it’s saved my a.. on a couple of occasions.

  9. Rita said :

    You can use SpywareNoMore.
    As we all know Computer hackers seeking financial gain rather than thrills or notoriety are increasingly flooding the Internet with malicious software code (spyware, adware, key loggers, trojans). They are infecting computers with highly sophisticated programs that record surfing habits, bank passwords and other key financial data and send them to crooks over the Internet. These programs can be hard to spot, disguised in downloads such as toolbars, search engines, browser accessories, screen savers and other seemingly helpful utilities.

    SpyNoMore anti-spyware safeguards your identity and restores system performance through fast, smart and powerful spyware protection.


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