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Where can i download a rouge anti virus?

Can someone give me a link to a download or just a link to a rouge anti virus. I want to test out my anti virus program. I know its not recommended but i want to test it out, please give link.

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3 Responses to “Where can i download a rouge anti virus?”

  1. Nick said:


    Antivirus 360, watch out it will attack.

  2. The Arfen said:

    see if you can download this

    eicar test :

    and this,
    it is the same as above but in a zip file.

    if your anti virus is any good you should not be able to download either of them.


  3. Mark said:

    just go to any porn page and why you want to do that is beyond me
    if you are using freeware a/v than you will get infected and might have a hard time getting rid of it
    common sense prevails —leave well enough alone


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