what’s the pros and cons of avg free anti virus software?

There has been alerts that my laptop might be infected with something, and when i exit it, it immediately goes to a page that downloads something. &every time that happens, i turn the laptop off as fast as i can.

Is it safe to download avg free anti virus software?
& my sister also said it is a trick, because it will make you pay if you do not cancel it by a specific date. Thanks.

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2 Responses to “what’s the pros and cons of avg free anti virus software?”

  1. Ron_44 said:

    iv actually heard of a something like that
    a anti-virus ad pops up and claims ur in danger of a virus
    and it tricks ppl into clicking it (ppl mainly panic)
    and so they now truly DO have a virus.
    but odds are u should go check out ur comp.
    it may be a virus.

  2. [email protected] said:

    Anything that pops up and sends you to a page that starts downloading without your permission is virus based.
    AVG or any other free software is fine to download ONLY when you are going to their actual website and doing it yourself. Or use http://www.cnet.com/ and download a free program there. There are free firewalls too on there. Zonealarm has a nice free one. You need some sort of protection.


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