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What’s the best software you can get that deals with anti-virus and internet security etc?

I’ve seen Comodo and Kaspersky which I’ve been told are very good. I’ve got Norton at the moment, which isn’t great. I woudn’t mind paying for one, as long as it wasn’t too pricey.

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19 Responses to “What’s the best software you can get that deals with anti-virus and internet security etc?”

  1. shandar_sunstar said :

    I would try Mcafee.

  2. Philip H said :

    I have McAfee which is very good

  3. denise m said :

    windows live one care
    mcafee is free

  4. Josh C said :

    Norton Anti – Virus. All day long. PC World have it on special offer at the moment

  5. loslunas87031 said :

    i use linux for internet stuff and my windows system never touches the internet, so no virus worries

  6. taffster50 said :

    AVG is fantastic,you can get it free too.

    Get rid of Norton,its useless.

  7. Ron69 said :


  8. mjbrightergem33 said :

    webroot spy sweeper with anti-virus

  9. Brian V said :

    Don’t know but would like to find out. so will answer your question.

  10. william c said :

    We’ve had Norton and McAfee. Both SUCKED!

    We now use StopSign. It works great, has other features and IF something slips past, they can make a custom cleaner just for YOUR computer to rid the nasty bug that got by.

  11. archie a said :

    AVG and Zone alarm for firewall and they both come free which will gladen the heart of many a scrooge out there

  12. ty said :
  13. BadWolph said :

    I use AvastAV, and Spybot, they’ve both done me proud, and haven’t cost an arm and a leg in fees.

  14. msnglnk said :

    i use norton. and so do most colleges and/or universities and most gov agencies. but these days pc viruses aren’t the only maliciouse software “malware” out there. and most ant-virus programs (even norton) don’t provide complete protection and/or security. i also use “windows defender” and “win patrol”. defender is free and only available for xp sp2 (am not sure about vista) and you must have a unpirated (copied) version of xp.

  15. Nay said :


  16. Sasi said :

    well,i ask you to go for avast 4.7 professional edition;since you said u r gonna buy it if needed.go to their website to download the latest version of professional edition…u can use it in a trial period of 40 days..and later if u dont like it,u can go for another one.
    if u are searching for the best free antivirus,
    the answer would definatley be avast 4.7 home’s absolutely free!!
    i’ve been using this avast 4.7 home edition since 6 months..and my computer,even now is ultra safe!
    it really is magnificent!
    try it
    download it from their website

  17. captain3249 said :

    I have infact been testing the new Kaspersky Internet Security(see my link) and can confirm that it is very good.The program has infact detected a couple of trojans and items of malware not previously detected.Whoever told you it was good is correct and on my short test I too would certainly recommend.Good luck!!

  18. pspsilverafro said :

    Spybot Search and destroy is amazing at finding everything. it doesn’t take that long to run either. 20-30 minutes. Its free, and gets the stuff that McAfee and Norton and a bunch of big anti-virous programs don’t pick up.
    check it out.

  19. PEACE! said :

    comodo is now revamped looks good i use zone alarm suite working great ..kaspersky i have used as well is very good .heres a link for free downloads u might want to try ..u can download kaspersky on a trial basis for 30 days and see if u like as well as nod32 is another good program u will see alot of noobs say avg is good but at 80% detection rate …not good ..


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