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What’s the best free anti virus and add blocking software?

I mean, what do you use, and why. And aren’t online add annoying?

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16 Responses to “What’s the best free anti virus and add blocking software?”

  1. KingOfFrownz said :


  2. aaarrgghh! said :

    I use AVG antivirus, its free (although there is a buyable option) I found it actually worked better than Norton. I know some people dont like it but I’ve always found it to be good! Search for AVG free 8.5

  3. _tillieee_ said :

    avg or norton

  4. Wooly Booly said :

    avg free has no root kit protection, avast or avira would be the better choices
    ad block plus and easylist will kill the ads.

  5. Hasan said :
  6. xsageonex said :

    I get no pop ups, I get free antivirus from my ISP, comcast, but you can download free here
    its better than what I have,(McAfee) it uses less system resources.

  7. Alfirin06 said :

    Avast used in conjunction with Komodo

  8. Kerry said :

    superantispyware free edition is best for virus’s, and its updatable

    download the yahoo or msn toolbar, which includes popup blockers.

  9. Jose V said :


    use firefox as your browser and you will get a very limited amount of popups

  10. R S said :

    Most popular free antivirus programs are AVG Anti-Virus, Avira AntiVir , Avast etc. Avira has a better detection rate than AVG free and the next best option is AVAST.Check out for more details.

  11. handa_shubham said :

    I highly recommonded u that u should use avast home edition4.8. its free n its detection rate is equal to avast professional. It also provides u full security on internet also.

  12. jazzy said :

    You can use Avg as good for security.

  13. Sinclair S said :

    I used to use norton security suite and now use 3 separate programs which make my pc perform much better!
    The Anti virus program i use is NOD32 as its light weight on pc and very powerful!
    more info which will help you decide.

  14. Rhijs said :

    I highly recommend AVAST antivirus

    It’s free.

    Have you got your pop-ups blocked in your browser ?

  15. mickmarum said :

    Avast! is great. Don’t download it from C.Net as that version has a trojan in the packages, download it off the Avast! site itself.

  16. Reece said :

    I use AVG and Malwarebyte’s. ZoneAlarm and Kaspersky are good too, although Kaspersky is sort of hardcore (very rigid).

    I would suggest checking out:

    This website has user reviews for different software (from free antivirus to paid stuff like Norton and McAfee). The front page has the “Most Popular Downloads” which are mostly free antivirus/spyware programs. You might want to give it a look.


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