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What software should I use- Avast or Norton anti-virus?

When I bought my PC Avast anti-virus was pre-installed, however it is asking me if I would like to upgrade to the ‘professional’ software which I do not want to do. I have already bought the latest Norton anti-virus software for another PC, however it will not allow me to have both installed therefore I must either remove the Avast and install Norton or leave it the way it is.

What should I do?


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13 Responses to “What software should I use- Avast or Norton anti-virus?”

  1. DH said :

    Norton anti-virus

  2. Max said :

    Personally i would uninstall the pre-installed antivirus and download Avira Antivirus from here: as installing Norton on another pc will cost you more money, Avira is totally free if you don’t upgrade and does what its meant to, i have been using it and works a treat.

  3. Anu said :

    As a Norton Technician definitely I would prefer you to go for Norton Internet Security 2010 . It provides you better protection than the others .
    If you need more help with any Norton programs please feel free to contact me .
    Merry X’ Mas . . .

  4. bty81216349 said :

    I would recommend Eset Smart Security or their anti virus prog Nod 32. I had Norton and its costly and not all that great so changed 2 years ago.

  5. MICHAEL D said :

    Any thing free is cr*p, if it was any good they could sell it. Use Norton, its good..

  6. phen1x said :

    No1 use Norton anymore… it’s outdated

  7. CyberBob said :

    Best out of those two in my opinion is Avast but an even better option would be Avira which offer a very good free version and a brilliant premium security package that can be tried out free for 30 days then with a choice of purchasing at the end ..Much better detection than norton and a little better than avast in detection rates .Avira is also very low on system resources so it will not slow your computer down to a snails pace

    Another brilliant one that is low in system resources and has great detection is esetnod32 they offer a free trial also with a choice of purchasing at the end of trial .

    But if you insist on going with norton or avast then go with avast .it has a little better detection than norton and won’t slow the computer down as much or leave as big a footprint if you ever decide to uninstall .

    But avira and esetnod32 are better than both those so i would recommend avira or esetnod32.

    And remember only ever run one anti virus on a computer as more than one will conflict with the other and cause errors and confusion .

    Good luck

  8. ourvettes said :

    You do not have to purchase the “professional” version of Avast Anti-Virus. I have been running the Avast Anti-Virus software on both of my pc’s for a few years now with no problems. With Avast all you need to do is to go to the Avast website and select the free Home Version and download the software if your pc does not already have the free home version installed.

    Registration is free and just once a year you will get a notification to to register the program and a link to get the new license key. Just follow the steps and you are done for another year! And the program is totally free. There is no need to purchase the professional addition for home use.

    The link has the download as well as lots of other information that may be of help to you including the installation and users guide. Registration is free.

    You cannot run 2 different types of anti-virus programs on a pc at the same time.
    I hope this helps.

  9. Randy said :

    You have no need to install anti-virus software I think, my computer i did not install anti-virus software at all, and I have never infected by virus yet,,just have a good habit you suffer on the net,
    good luck with you.

  10. Nasa said :

    AVAST is a good company though Norton is better.

    AVAST anti-virus programs are an excellent solution if you want freeware (free software) and a solid quality of protection.
    AVAST has gained good ratings in reviews all over the internet but mainly due to the fact that thier products are free which gives them a major tick of approval and is why they are gaining a greater share of the anti-virus market.

    On the other side of the ring, NORTON has gained high-good reviews, satisfaction of customers and a majority of the anti-virus market through quality of service.
    NORTON has a massive database of no-good applications, spamming websites,and all the details of every virus online at for any one to use.

    Although NORTON and AVAST both give great protection, NORTON updates their products every 15 minutes while freeware companies like AVAST tend to update a lot less frequently, sometimes once a day.

    My advice, if you have very little money in your pocket, AVAST is the way to go for solid protection for free, but if you want to be updated regularly,receivee a higher quality of service and are willing to pay for all that, then NORTON is the way to go.

  11. Shawn E said :

    Remove your current security software with this program.

    Download the free trial of Norton Internet Security 2010 or You can buy it.

    Why settle for an antivirus when you can have Total Internet Security. Oh and stay away from Norton 360 its the worst.

  12. Lex Luthor said :

    Here we go again. Everyone telling you to download this and download that but there not telling the whole truth. Norton is one of the sorriest pay AV’s out there. The reason i say that is because Norton runs so heavy and it’s a pain in the butt to remove. Not to forget to mention it doesn’t protect as well as it advertises that it does. It’s not worth the money. Neither is McAfee. There both a lot alike. But free AV’s are even worse.

    There is no such thing as a good free anything. Free AV’s have security holes in them or they wouldn’t be free. It’s that simple. Most people refuse to tell the truth about them. I will.

    AVG, Sorriest AV on the net. 9.0 is said to have root kit protection. It is no better than the one before it. When i beta tested it; It let every root kit that i threw at it install it’s self. It refused to delete them. It still has big problems updating, It refuses to auto update. It’s a memory hog, it still will not remove malware. It’s useless crap ware for people who don’t know any better.

    Avast, Not much better than AVG. It has no heuristic scanning in the free version. Leaving you wide open for a drive by, infected pages. infected downloads.

    Avira, Just like AVG, Refuses to auto update when it’s suppose to, Has a big problem with faults positives. Why anyone would want any of this junk on there expensive computers is beyond me and very mind boggling.

    Be smart, Be ahead of everyone else. Pay for your AV. Stay off the free band wagon. Get Kaspersky internet security and forget all these free programs that for the most part never work. Make sure you have at least 2 gigs of memory. That way Kaspersky will run smooth as silk.

    Just like free anti-spy’s, They don’t run in real time. No real time = infected.

    Learn to do your own research. Some on here are like me. They will tell you the truth. But most will not. Since yahoo started letting the inmates run the asylum things have gone down hill here. Be careful who you listen to. Most will tell you half truths and whole lies. It’s hard to know who will and who won’t.

  13. Nicky Howarth said :

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