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What should I do if my anti-virus program moves a virus to the virus vault?

My anti-virus program detected some infections and it says they have been removed and healed. They are now in the virus vault. Do I need to delete them from there as well?

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2 Responses to “What should I do if my anti-virus program moves a virus to the virus vault?”

  1. Gerald said:

    Sometimes an anti-virus can mistakenly detect a useful program as a virus. It’s very easy to accidentally delete a useful program. The idea of a vault is so you can recover anything that you later need. Emptying the vault permanently erases these programs or files from your computer and you won’t be able to recover them. Before you empty the vault you should take a look at what it contains. You should also look at how long the files or programs have been in the vault. If they’ve been they’re a while and your computer is working properly then I’d say you should go ahead and delete them. Maybe you could keep the files that were recently moved to the vault for a few days until you find out if they’re files or programs that your computer needs.

  2. Zhang said:

    Do not delete the first, because sometimes anti-virus software will determine the error, your computer will be mistaken for normal virus, if these do not affect your use of, first, on the virus database


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