What other free anti virus download can i use?

I have used avast, avg,ibot super anti spywhere,

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6 Responses to “What other free anti virus download can i use?”

  1. paintingj said:

    I have Avira and it seems to work well.

    I have used AVG too but it seemed slower.

  2. topdn said:

    you can only use 1 antivirus at a time having 2 or more at the same time will get you infected

  3. RavenPerchUndergorund said:

    you can actually use 2 antivirus’s at the same time and it actually works great because you can see that some virus’s are detected by one and not another.

    so i have Avast and Microsoft Security Essentials running at the same time.

    you can get it here:


    and try this:


  4. Muhammad said:

    Kaspersky is very good but 31day Trail !

  5. Dario said:

    Avast Free 5, an A-list freeware antivirus app, provides the same steadfast protection of well-known, pricier antivirus programs. Avast is remarkable for both its effectiveness and arguably providing the most complete free antivirus on the market.

    Avast: http://download.cnet.com/Avast-Free-Antivirus/3000-2239_4-10019223.html

  6. Neal S said:


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