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What is/are the best free anti-virus/spam/pop-up download(s)?

After accidentally clicking on a side banner of a website the other day, we have been boarded with pop-ups and unwanted CRAP that just will NOT go away. It is slowing down our computer and our internet considerably. It interferes with anything and everything we try to do online. CONSTANT full-page pop-ups, and most are for anti-virus and pop-up blockers! Sometimes when we’re not even using the internet (we are always logged-on with our internet service).

I’ve already downloaded the free version of the AVG program, as well as the Yahoo! toolbar anti-spy. AVG didn’t help much, although it did find and get rid of about 10 Trojan files (I have no idea what those are…)

Thank you so much for any and all help!!!

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6 Responses to “What is/are the best free anti-virus/spam/pop-up download(s)?”

  1. spywaredr said :

    you have messenger spam
    NOT to be confused with your instant messenger/s

    all programs
    administrative tools

    all services are in alphabetical order

    right click
    select properties
    from drop down menu
    select disable

    same thing as above

    these are ports left open in the XP windows version but closed in Vista.
    hackers know this and ping for these open ports to install messenger spam spyware.

    after disabling,run anti-spyware program/s

  2. tazman5560 said :

    A good malware blocker is the free microsoft defender program. Used it since it was first offered, and love it.

  3. pricehillsaint said :

    I like AVAST and CrapCleaner

  4. WER said :
  5. Pale Rider said :

    Here are a full list of programs that you can use to help you clean out your computer… I will give you a brief intro to what they are…

    C Cleaner – cleans out your cookies, caches, unwanted files from un-installed programs etc…

    Ad-Aware – detects and eliminates spies, ads found on your computer

    SpyBot Search And Destroy – does basically the same as Ad-Aware but if use both one will find programs that the other won’t… etc. Great to work with together.

    AVG – Free Anti-Virus Software.

    (Remember that spies, ads,pop-ups etc… ARE NOT VIRUSES…. therefore AVG will NOT detect them. )
    Trojans are exactly what the name stands for… Remember in the Troy the enemies used a wooden horse and hid inside and had the horse delivered to their enemies as a gift. Once inside they came out of the wooden horse and attacked..

    A trojan is disguised as something you want, but inside is something that you don’t want and can harm your computer. If your AVG detected it, it would have deleted it too. Try these links … I have them on both of my computers.

  6. shadow_3211 said :

    As you know might not know your first line of defense is your browser and what capabilities it has to help combat this kind of threat to your pc. Secondly the program that is gonna seal the holes and vulnerabilities to safeguard your system.

    We’ll start with the browser and I won’t waste time in telling you the best and foremost is Firefox it is built with the user in mind. There has to be a safe way to browse and view things without compromising your internet enjoyment. Check out this link for more and to download it for free.

    Now you can download programs for spam and viruses that are free but with that you get what you pay for and some of these programs are incompatible from the start. You might want to check out this program that takes care of it all with one install and leaves you feeling secure without the worries. You get Anti-Spam Anti-Virus Ad-ware Removal Pop-up Blocker Firewall plus additional bonus programs to make your life easier. Check it out ~


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