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What is the difference between an anti virus program and a registry cleaner?

What is the difference between an anti virus program and a registry cleaner? Do they do the same thing? Do you need both of them? Which are the best programs

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6 Responses to “What is the difference between an anti virus program and a registry cleaner?”

  1. Step Ke said :

    Both are different. Anti-Virus is like killer of foreign elements. Registry cleaner is like clearing the clogged system. Its good to have both on your system. Best programs depends on your experience. I use Avg free & Reginout and satisfied. Many other people go for others.

  2. Jeremy said :

    an antivirus program depending on what one will do different things but mainly is to help prevent you from getting virus’s and deleting them once you have them…

    the registry is kind of like a behind the scenes brain of your computer in a way. everytime you download a program or change a setting on your computer etc. a registry key is usually added or changed. even by simply changing your desktop background. anyways a registry cleaner does not prevent virus’s in anyway unless you have a virus that created a registry key which many do. but reg. cleaners are used to mainly cleanup old/unused registry keys. this will usually provide some speed improvement in your computer. it is highly recommended to have an anti-virus program. a reg. cleaner is just like a system tool not necessary but useful in some cases

  3. nix1602 said :

    An anti virus program as its name explain will prevent virus on your computer, I recommend Kapersky, which I use and like
    A registry cleaner is to clean your registry, The Windows Registry is a hierarchical database that stores configuration settings and options on Microsoft Windows operating systems, It contains settings for operating system components
    The registry contains two basic elements: keys and values and sometimes these get out of whack
    you also can get the registry mess up with malware, so a registry cleaner keep every thing organized
    (simple explanation but you get the picture) I use Registry Fix 6 and recommend it

  4. Harley Drive said :

    a registry cleaner is TOTALLY unnecessary with XP. vista and 7 their registry is stored in a completely different way from 95, 98 and ME and scanning the registry with a modern cpu takes about a tenth of a second they can also do a lot of damage and make your system unusable as many yahoo users have found out after using something like Ccleaner without setting all the defaults to match their computer

  5. Amy Lin said :

    Anti virus program is used to prevent, detect, and remove malware, including computer viruses, worms, and trojan horses. Such programs may also prevent and remove adware, spyware, and other forms of malware.

    Registry cleaner is basically a kind of software utility that cleans up your Windows registry, it scans your Windows registry and picks out any unnecessary values, as best as it can, so that you can repair or delete them. The information that a registry cleaner will target may include data such as:
    •Software information that not uninstall ed completely from your computer
    •Information or data that is no longer being used by your system
    •Settings that are required for malware or spyware to operate on your system
    i use the best registry cleaner downloaded from
    or you could google it :
    hope you’re satisfied with answer.

  6. S'Nuff! said :

    Anti-virus is a joke. It needs to know in advance what “bad stuff” looks like, which means it can’t catch anything really new, or really targeted. Anti-virus products keep a massive database of those signatures, then each time it gets an update to the database it has to scan your entire system again because something may be there that wasn’t in the signature database before.

    Come October, there’ll be another contender, called S’Nuff! (as in “that’s enough, already”). Works on an entirely different principle, turns things upside down from anti-virus. Instead of trying to know and recognize all the bad stuff, it simply keeps track of what belongs on your computer; everything else, by definition, is bad and is kept out. It works on zero day attacks, and all others. Look for some buzz about it in October, and try it. S’Nuff!

    The registry is a collection of settings, rules, and pointers that gets updated almost constantly. Registry cleaners don’t clean the registry, they just remove or reset certain items within the registry. Actually, monkeying with the registry can be dangerous, and most vendors (except the registry cleaner vendors) advise great caution when messing with it.


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