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what is the best pc protection software with anti-virus?

I want to purchase a downloadable version of the best pc protection..must have anti-virus and internet security also ideally one that scans really quickly

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13 Responses to “what is the best pc protection software with anti-virus?”

  1. Rolyn dal yma said :

    Norton Antivirus from Symantec…regularly updated and works well.

  2. My house. said :
  3. jaiden_patel116 said :

    ive tried heaps and the best 2 would have to bea…noton anti-virus and Mcafe

  4. robdunf said :

    AVG 8.0 is very good, you can download a free version to test if you like. It has both a full system scan and quick scan option as well.

    Regardless of what you choose, I suggest also having Ad-Aware (2007 or 2008) and Search & Destroy on your PC.

    I know there is a big thing about Norton AV but this can seriously slow your PC performance…

  5. Starry said :

    If you don’t mind paying, go for Nod32 and Kaspersky.

    If you prefer a free sofware, go for:
    1. AVG 8.0- Antivirus/Antispyware. Absolutely top-notch for a free software. It’s almost as good as a software you pay for.
    2. Ad-aware 2008
    3. Spybot Search and Destroy- It allows you to immunise your system against harmful websites and gives you the oppurtunity to deny changes in your computer.

    Norton antivirus- yuckity yuck yuck.

  6. papiloghost said :

    I use norton Internet security, it works pretty well, it has pop up blocker, firewall, antiphishing, parental control, ad blocker, etc.
    The only disadvantage is that it consumes a lot of computer resources if you don’t have a powerful computer.

    Maybe you can try kasperksy if you have a slow computer.

  7. bankythehat said :

    Bullgurad is an often overlooked and underated piece of software. I have had to trial several AV’s for my job and Bullguard won on both speed and number of detections.

  8. davinas said :

    the best one is AVG.Its free download as well,its got antivirus and internet security and it scans instantly.

  9. Tom said :

    Many people say that Norton is slow however, I would suggest Norton 360 WHICH IS NOT SLOW. Well, not on the 10 computers I have installed it on.

    It is about £60 if I remember correctly and has lots of clever little tools. It can be set to scan and do everything whilst you are away from your PC, or everything done manually.

    It isn’t as slow as previous norton products because they have completely re-written the code.

    Regulaly updated and haven’t had any problems.

    Many people say AVG Free edition. Although it is good and I have it on a few computers, I wouldn’t trust just free software on its own.

    I would however suggest Norton 360 (version 2.0), with “Super Antispyware FREE Edition”

  10. Blue Magic said :

    you need three..
    1 antivirus
    2 antispyware or ant-adware
    3 antimalware

  11. Thomas said :

    I’ve been using computer for a long time, and the quality of virus checkers etc fluctuates greatly. One year norton can be the best, the year after avg… and so forth. I would have said avg, however reading recent reviews it threw up an awful lot of false positives, and didn’t detect many new viruses yet in its database. The one that always seemed to turn up trumps was ESET smart security. It’s also very very light on system resources, even compared to other lightweight antivirus’ such as avg. I currently use that one and highly recommend it. If you are a student they offer 50% discount too. If you’re looking for a free one then head for avg.

  12. Ricky B said :
  13. tone said :

    I and many people are not big fans of Norton or Mcafee!! You can read more here about why, and user reviews and free downloads which is 100% free so you will not need to purchase anything…
    The Best PC Protection;)

    PS..With regards to which programs scan quickly, well,this will be different for all PC users as we all have different amount of files on PC and different system specs which all count when scanning;)


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