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What is the best FREE anti-virus protection, on the net?

What is the best FREE anti-virus protection, on the net?

My computer has a virus, and it is running slow, and every time I use the net, and go to exit, it says there was an error, and some times it just closes the net on me, for no reason.

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8 Responses to “What is the best FREE anti-virus protection, on the net?”

  1. P337 said :

    AVG free buy far is the best
    in my opinion

  2. Elizzii_rose said :


  3. Aaron T said :

    ALWIL’s avast! Home Edition 4.8 It’s free(always) as you wanted, comes with a built-in webroot and spysweeper kit and offers automatic updates. You can get it here. I’ve been using it for 5 odd years now and I’ve had only 2 viruses, and they were ones I downloaded to put on my friends computer when we we’re taking our certification classes. It get’s even better with each release. Once installed will run a boot scan to detect and remove all viruses, this can take a while, but it will find them and weed them out. avast! scans all of your active files, and scans your web traffic, P2P, and IM traffic as well to help prevent from outside attacks. It can also detect viruses mid download and will abort the connection immediately. If you have Outlook or Thunderbird avast! scans your incoming and outgoing E-mails as well, it’s been very good and diligent in keeping my computer virus free. It does require that you register for a product key, but that’s free and it lasts for 14 months, simply re-register when you need a new one. Now you may be wondering why it’s free if it’s so good, well it’s simple ALWIL makes enough money off of selling their anti-virus program to businesses that they can offer a home edition to us for free. The professional edition does have a few more features, but they aren’t necessary for the average home user. So enjoy, and happy hunting.

  4. vino_rocky1 said :

    avast,avira,avg,….i suggest u to get doctor webs antivirus at

  5. ♦♣♠♥ said :

    Theres alot of different programs for alot of different uses. I use and run AVG, Ad-Aware, Malwarebytes, and aceutilities daily or weekly. It keeps my computer running fast and reliably.

    All of those programs are free and will take care of everything for you.

  6. steve_swny said :


  7. Don J said :

    …Avira TESTED best free,I use it,to check,fix, your machine use on-line scan at Windows One Care.
    ….Good luck! Don J

  8. Lex Luthor said :

    There is no such thing as a best free anti virus. Trend Micro’ AVG’ AVAST are three of the most downloaded AV’s and the sorriest bottom of the barrel AV’s out there. AVG has only a 82% detection rate and a 74% protection rate. That’s pretty sucky. AVAST is somewhat better with a 86% detection rate and a 78% protection rate. Neither one is able to withstand a attack from a hacker/virus/ Trojan attack. There all very easy to be disabled. Do some research right here on answers and you will find person after person that AVG/Trend & AVAST let down. If any of these even detect a virus / Trojan etc etc’ About all they can do is lock them up in a vault. They can’t delete them. If you decide to delete the program the Virus/bug is turned back loose on your hard drive. The sign of a good anti virus is not what it detects AFTER the bug has gotten on your hard drive. The sign of a good AV is it doesn’t let it on your hard drive to start with. It stops it at the door. Sorry’ But you will not get that for free. If you want one that really works and does as advertised you will have to pay for it. Right now the best you will get is Kaspersky. It really works. Just remember’ If you use a free AV you will be restricting yourself in the places you can safely go. Don’t expect a free AV to keep your computer safe. It will not. Any one who endorses free AV’s like AVG’ Trend Micro & Avast either don’t have a clue or there hackers or virus writers. There are good people here. But still’ Be careful who you listen to.


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