What is the Best Free Anti Virus for Linux?

I need an anti virus for Linux thats the best and free other than AVG and Avast!

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  1. xzxtxyx said:


  2. Blue Magic said:
  3. Atheist, P.I. said:
  4. toomuchgeek said:

    Why would you need an A/V for Linux in the first place? Theres very few worms, and most likely if you did get one, it would be from a program and that would most likely need root privileges. If you stick to your distros package manager (E.g. Synaptic Pack Manager) you would probably not get a virus/worm.

  5. ELfaGeek said:

    ClamAV (as are all add-on Linux Malware Tools) was written as a joke on Windows Users who just “don’t get it”.

    LINUX is an Anti-Virus.

    TIP: Just don’t run Linux as an Administrator all the time, set up a Standard User account for day to day use.

  6. l d said:

    Earth to Casey – please read up on Linux, so you will know in the future a bit more, and not ask clueless questions? As others have posted, Linux does not need anti-virus – unless you have special needs, which you do not, or you wouldn’t have asked the question in the first place!

  7. Toroguy said:

    Unless you want to protect a mail server from distributing viruses with clamAV you shouldn’t need anti virus software under linux.

    However, if running online services like content management systems, blogs, forums, etc. from a root server (regardless if it’s located at your ISP or under your desk) you might want to get a well configured FIREWALL. Even linux can get hacked and it can get you lots of trouble if somebody uses your system against you…..or for himself….


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