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What is the best free anti virus download?

We have kept trying to get a good anti spyware for free. but everytime they say its free and we download it it says they need to charge us! does anyboday know what is the best free trial version?

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9 Responses to “What is the best free anti virus download?”

  1. Nev said :

    for antivirus, AVG is good, but download AVG Free onli, not the internet security suite, it costs money.

    u can also download Spybot – Search and Destroy for spyware, etc.

  2. Seth W said :

    AVG is the best I’ve used so far out of a few it does however it will need a separate firewall.

  3. Jeff of the 140 IQ ;-) said :

    Both AVG and Avast are top quality free anti-virus programs. In fact, I prefer both of them over such heavyweights as Norton and McAfee which have become bloated, slow, and controlling of one’s system.

  4. Harsh M said :

    Of Course, AVG.
    It is available for free at
    You can also try Avira AntiVir

  5. Mike said :

    The best one is Avast. You download it here

    It starts out as a trial, BUT you can get a FREE key and keep it forever! 😀 Who wouldn’t want that?

    Hope this helps,

  6. NO 666 said :

    the top 3 and free are:
    Avast Home Edition 4.8 (intricate.takes time to set up and learn)
    Avira AntiVir Personal 9(the new update is hot)
    AVG 8.5 (I would add Threatfire with this program)

    Use only one.Available at CNET At

    You also need a firewall and anti-spyware;those can be your next questions

  7. Don said : offers a complete suite of security free and other items to secure your computer from the maker of comodo firewall pro… now offers free antivirus and antispyware they have a great product

  8. short1444 said :

    ever get avg, put it this way avg is for idiots who think it is the best when in a couple of days they get infected asking for someone’s help on how to remove the infection. avg also doesn’t have anti-rootkit which is a big factor when removing viruses and rogue.
    WHILE avast and avira are better than avg they have better detection and prevention from viruses and spyware. i have avast on my laptop and avira on my desktop and neither one has had a virus when i scanned with malwarebytes.
    Malwarebtes is a excellent program to remove malware. I have used this software many times on my clients computers.
    i would recommend avast

    or avira

    and to clean your pc from malware, use malwarebytes

    a good firewall would be comodo

    for spyware i would recommend these two programs

  9. chris M said :

    There are many free anti-virus programs on the web that aren’t free trials, which sounds like what you are downloading. I have a list of free anti-virus software that you can check out here. Also look through all the other free software that is listed there.


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