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What is the best anti virus software without spending a fortune?

I have norton at the moment but is due to expire soon

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12 Responses to “What is the best anti virus software without spending a fortune?”

  1. paul said :

    Try clamwin: free open-source software.

  2. Lady said :

    copied versions dude

  3. disk_tel said :

    im using avast in more than 70 computers and i dont have the problems that i had with norton or mcafee

    u can also try avg,clamwin or antivir

  4. Theresa said :

    AVG is good and its free!

    You can download it from

  5. Sam F said :

    Just renew the definitions…cheapest way to go…or uninstall and use AVAST for free. you can get it at

  6. CAROL DOMINO said :

    No question – AVG. Check it out on They don’t come much cheaper – it’s free. It’s a fantastic anti-virus programme, free automatic updates, fast, easy to use. Don’t bother looking anywhere else.

  7. night_rose1985 said :

    i know two free anti viruses software, one is Antivir, the other is AVG, but i recommend the AVG because i was having problems updating the Antivir… anyhow, here’s the links for both

  8. kirstybowie2004 said :

    You can download an AVG free addition on-line as a trial anti-virus to test it for 30 days. Look around for different free offers. You can just keep downloading the latest trial offer for different software types. This keeps your system covered without spending a fortune. You can’t say fairer than free!!! Just type AVG into the yahoo search bar and it should hit on the free trial edition.


  9. noshyuz said :

    around the start of the calendar year, generally up until about March or April, you can generally get a full version of Norton or MacAfee free after rebate, that includes updates for a year (at which point you can get the next year’s version free after rebate, etc) not 100% free, but for basicaly the cost of a stamp it’s not a bad deal.

    during the middle of the calendar year, you have to look harder, but you can probably still find a 3 or 6 month trial to tide you over until the year end.

  10. The librarian said :

    AVG as the previous writer suggested. It’s a free download, is constantly updated (also free) and has never let us down in over three years of using it.

  11. Steve K said :

    Just download one illegally. Thats what I would do. Bit torrent my friend.

  12. Martin S said :

    avast is free to download so is avg spybot search and destroy, and adaware. Please do not use any norton anty virus as this really does screw up systems. and is spyware


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