What is the best anti virus program to use?

What is the best anti virus program to use?
I was wondering what is the best anti virus program to use. I would really like to find a free one. Thanks!

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  1. Killakash said:

    avg is the best find s any virus and is always updated everyday for new threats emerging

  2. §ñÏpє® ╒╦═╤╦┬══── said:

    AVG Free Edition will be no Cost, but if u want a really good one, same as AVG, its called McAfee. Very good. Try it, but McAfee u gotta buy 🙂

  3. nod32 said:

    best anti virus nod32


    best free anti virus avira


  4. sandy said:

    any of these three avast- avira-mse all are free and good get at filehippo.com

  5. Mr Mrs said:

    antivirus tips and antivirus download:

  6. Vanita Westenbarger said:

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