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What is the best anti spyware and anti virus ware on the market?

I have a spyware on my laptop called Alpha Anti Virus. The problem is it is a spyware. I still have to get rid of it. So i was wondering what is the best anti spyware on the market. Any recommendations?

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8 Responses to “What is the best anti spyware and anti virus ware on the market?”

  1. DEREK C said :

    Norton….. without and forget

  2. conkle_100 said :

    Norton – The fastest virus, spyware, Internet protection you can buy

  3. Double R said :

    Microsoft Security Essentials free forever
    see bleeping for removal details on Alpha Antivirus under
    malware removal guides

  4. Ol'grizzler said :

    Try this Malware link on the forum if you have malware problems. gives links to free programmes and help. You can also ask for help there from the regulars. Alternatively this site gives info on many current malware threats.

  5. Pc said :

    When i have a question abt a anti-spyware software i always visit:
    there they have listed allmost all the softwares, their features, and comparisions to other related substitutes

    the best anti-spyware i av seen yet is webroot spyware. its lite and really fast plus very effective. first in topten list of above site. u can get all of its features on the site.

    have a nice NO spyware day!

  6. James said :

    Norton Anti-Virus 2010

  7. lukina s said :

    You may try this :HK Anti-spyware, it is the best antispyware tool I have used, it can scan spyware and remove spyware fast. And it’s very easy to use.

    You may try it from here:

    Good luck!

  8. Stephanie Butland said :

    excellent, layout, beneficial ideas recognize the value of all the enthusiasm


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