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What is the anti-virus for a virus corrupted your removable disk?

I have these problem, that if i insert my removable disk my files on it is automatically corrupted and display a message “Sharap” or “I’m sorry we are just proving it”. My anti-virus scanner also wouldn’t run into my computer and to the removable disk. I am using Nod32 anti-virus scanner. I can’t also reformat my removable disk.Anybody knows what is that virus and what is the anti-virus for that?

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4 Responses to “What is the anti-virus for a virus corrupted your removable disk?”

  1. blake k said:

    scan with this

    Malwarebytes Anti Malware… FREE EDITION

  2. Lee P said:

    You need to download and burn a LiveCd that has anti virus programs on it. That way you are not one the computers operating system because the Live CD boots into memory. Then you can do a virus scan from there.

  3. The Dark One said:

    Your scanner wont scan removable media unless manually selected.
    All you have to do is insert the disk, go into the main menu of nod32 and select the removable media option.
    It will scan the disk and remove the malware…..Hopefully

  4. DrummerboyNiko said:

    Try Kaspersky That Should Do It. You Can Get It At Fry’s. That Is Currently The Best Virus Protection Out There Now


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