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What is th best, cheapest anti-virus download?

I desperately need to get this computer protected only I don’t have a ton of money to spend.
My Norton was cancelled when I discontinued one of my websites or providers that I was using and now I have a virus or two.
I have Web root in this thing. Shouldn’t that be preventing the virus attacks? Please help me. Thank you all who are great with computer information. I am going to be a preschool teacher…I deal in small humans.
I purchased the iobit (whatever it’s called) and it did not take care of the virus I have on the computer. Another waste of my precious money.
All my e-mail friends are telling me that I have a virus (some nasty cialis med., pharmacy keeps popping up in thier computers.) Can anyone tell me if I need to BUY anti-virus software that comes mailed to me? Downloading it from the internet has not worked.
Thanks everyone.

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9 Responses to “What is th best, cheapest anti-virus download?”

  1. Ozz said :

    AVG has a free one.

  2. Idlee Ameen said :

    AVG is my fav

  3. coolcat10189 said :

    I’ve been told that AVG is the best. Avast being the 2nd. On my old computer, I used Spybot Search and Destroy along with Malywarebytes. Both weren’t bad, but they were not able to get an extremely disgusting virus out of my computer (which took out my old computer after 6 years.)

    Edit: Just read your second part.

    If you’re having issues to the point where you cannot access the internet, don’t waste any time and take it to someone you know is good at computers and let them mess with it. If they cannot, you may have to buy an anti virus since you cannot download the ones given. Or pay someone to fix it by hand.

    But definitely find someone that’s free, first.

  4. War is Peace said :

    Avast Anti-Virus is a free anti-virus software.
    I’ve used it, and it works just perfectly fine.

    Not only does it scan, but when you try to download (or visit a website with) a virus, it will warn you.

  5. Bassman87 said :

    If this is for your own personal use, the usual recommendation is AVG Free.

    However, others might disagree and suggest Rising Antivirus.

    Both work well, but I tend to find that Rising uses less system resource, so its the one I go with.

    You can try them both and see which one is right for you. The big companies (Norton, McCaffee, etc.) are a waste of money. They use way too much system resource, don’t work any better, and you have to pay for the program and subscriptions. Stay away from them, they’re bad news.

  6. Bob said :

    the best antivirus is eset smart security u can download it from the following site

    U just download the antivirus from the link given on the top

    select ur option whether 32 bit 0r 64 bit

    and for latest user name and passwords check this website after every 15 days

  7. Mcdougall said :

    IObit Security 360 PRO is an advanced malware & spyware removal utility that detects, removes the deepest infections, and protects your PC from various of potential spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, bots, worms, and hijackers.
    You can see detail and Solution Guides Here:

    I hope this may help you.

  8. strawberries said :

    avg is the best and out weighs the others even if its free because it does not slow down your system like other soft ware

  9. Nick S said :

    I have used a *free* anti-virus/anti-malware program called “Spybot-Search and Destroy” for about 5 years now, and it never caused me grief or regret… As I said, it is completely free as it is funded purely by donations (NOT mandatory). It always has caught any viruses that my system got, and was able to remove them without harming my computer. I highly recommend it, bu tthat’s just my own experience with the software.


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