What is a parser ?

One of the software components used to evaluate the syntax of a script every time it is executed on a web server is called parser. For the scripting language used on the internet, parser serves as a compiler that may work on other kinds of application development environments.

With the same process, compiler can develop object code used on a computer from a source code. A parser can convert codes that are scripted into syntax error code or readable object code after the code execution in a browser. Because parser can evaluate codes on script execution without first compiling the codes, its utilization is normally for script development. The execution of the compiled source code occurs all in one-step unlike the process of binary compiler or C++ that has to compile all source codes first and run or installed separately.

The main difference of a compiler and a parser is the language and environment that they deal with. For instance, the server parses numerous scripts, and operating system source code or application code is gathered and compiled for installation. The utilization of the two terms can be interchangeable in representing similar activity, and application can be parsed into readable script code and object code compiled on the web.

Most parser works are in sequence so they can execute the statements submitted from top to bottom and left to right. The parser will stop when an error is found. If there is error condition coding in the application, actions take place related to that coding are taken. The error may show on the screen of the computer when it is executed if the parsed code is a web script. Parsing a sentence is likeĀ  breaking down the word properties of the sentence, so that readers can understand that cat is a noun, black and fat are adjectives and run is the verb. This is a simple example of how parser works. Parser evaluates the provided code for syntax and makes usable output or object code.

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